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Junior - Cocker Spaniel

My name is JUNIOR, I'm an American Cocker Spaniel from California. My birthday is April 07, 2015. My favorite cookies are peanut butter and pumpkin

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Is commercial peanut butter safe for a dog?

Because it contains salt? Chef's Answer ~ The small amount of peanut butter that is in most dog treat recipes, and in each individual treat should not

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Is it okay to add eggs for increased nutrition?

added low sodium ck broth dogs love the biscuit wanted to know is it okay to add eggs for increased nutrition and how does this effect the biscuit

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Can I use almond flour for these liver dog treats?

Chef's Answer ~ Yes, you can substitute the oat and brown rice flour in this liver dog treat recipe with almond flour. To make sure that your dog treats

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Pet dental chew CHURPI or ChurpiDurkha is an all natural hard cheese that is made from yak or cow milk. Contains no chemicals, no preservatives, and no

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My puppy could not wait!

The aroma alone had my puppy jumping and barking for whatever was in the oven. My intention was to allow the treats to sit overnight after baking. He couldn't

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what can i feed my four year old moody female terrier ?

I'm from India and most ingredients mentioned here are not available. I love my female four year old terrier very much and would love to pamper her but

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Tank & Koa Loved It

I used this meat cake recipe to help celebrate my 2 dogs 15 year birthday. They loved it.

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Lacy - Yellow Labrador Mix

Lacy is a 3 year old yellow lab/beagle mix. She is a truly amazing dog, with plenty of energy to play. She has a box full of toys and enjoys sleeping

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Lily - Mini Schnauzer

Lily is a 6 year old mini schnauzer that acts like she's a puppy most of the time. She is very lovable but protective over her family. She has a big dog

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