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Reagan - Rat Terrier

My dog is Reagan and he loves to eat and sleep. Reagan is almost 16 years old! My parents have had him since he was 2 weeks old. He loves to be scratched

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Gloria Danger's favorite doggie cookie recipe!!

Gloria just loved these treats. The recipe was crazy easy and came out great. Chef's Comments ~ Great! :) Love the picture, too.

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My old boy goes NUTS for these!

Made these the other day but made the mistake of opening the door and letting the heat out to soon. They weren't quite crispy but man did my dog LOVE these!!!

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Is there a nut free alternative (such as soynut butter)?

For nut allergies. I was wondering if the same recipe can be used (successfully) with soy nuts. Chef's Answer ~ That's a great question. I personally

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Calling All Paws Gourmet Canine Cuisine

Calling All Paws has been providing clients extraordinary services and products for over 10 years. Nutrition and taste is of the utmost importance when

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Can I use a bought peanut butter and if so which ones?

I'm very interested in this site. Chef's Answer ~ Yes, you can use commercially made peanut butter for your homemade peanut butter dog treats. Look for

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Can I use Coconut Oil instead of other oils?

Can I replace the olive/canola/vegetable etc oil with coconut oil in dog treat recipes? Chef's Answer ~ Yes, you can substitute coconut oil for the oils

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Keeping Dog Treats for Selling

Hi thank you for all your recipes - through your inspiration and the dog business ebook I am starting up at the local markets and just wondered are all

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Kokopelli Barkery

Dog Walking, Dog Sitting & Dog Hiking Adventures Service area is from Grand Junction to Aspen. Kokopelli Barkery also provides your furry best friend

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Can you substitute olive oil for the canola oil??

I have not made this yet but am really looking forward to trying it!! Chef's Answer ~ Absolutely! That would be a very good substitution for this recipe.

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