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How many calories in each biscuit?

I would like to know the caloric and fat content of each biscuit please. Chef's Answer ~ I can not guarantee the exact nutritional content of these dog

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My dogs loved this recipe!!

I made these muffins for my two dogs and six of their doggie friends and all of them loved it. I topped the cream cheese frosting with shredded carrot

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Picky dog

My dog is super picky and spoiled rotten but to my amazement she loves the cookies.

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what is the breakdown of fat, protein, carbohydrates, etc?

It took a few times, but I think I've perfected it. I found brushing egg yolk makes it glossy and much more appealing. Chef's Answer ~ I'm glad you've

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my dogs love em

Not sure what I did wrong but the dough was not rollable, but I ended up making drop cookie balls, which they didn't mind the shape or difference, they

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Using rice paper

I want to make cupcakes for a dog event. I would like to print out a logo on rice paper to top them. On human cupcakes I would use a sugar paste fondant.

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How to make a dog treat that would be able to be put in stores.

I make my own dog treats, and would like to sell them in the pet stores. The only problem is, they are only good for a few days. What type of ingredient

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Sweet potato crisps

My 4 dogs and my friends dogs just love them ..thank you x

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If we use whole wheat flour, does it have to be cooked?

I'm confused as to whether or not we should cook it if we used whole wheat flour instead of dry dog food. Chef's Answer ~ Yes, you should still bake the

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How do you know when they're done baking?

Very easy recipe Chef's Answer ~ The baking time is a good place to start. Bake the dog treats at least as long as the recommended baking time. Another

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