Easy Dog Treat Recipes
You Can Make Today

There is no end to the reasons you should make easy dog treat recipes. But here are a few of my reasons:

  • Time - We all are limited to the amount of time we have in each day. But there is no longer a time excuse, at least not with these recipes. Even with a busy schedule you can make easy homemade dog treats.

  • Experience - Not all of us are born with a measuring cup in one hand and a cookbook in the other. Sometimes cooking and baking can be complicated. So, if you fall into that category, easy recipes are the way to go.You may find out you have a hidden talent.

  • Easy Dog Treat Recipes Can Save You Time easy dog treat recipes

  • Preference - Do you have a picky pup who would rather wait until you've made an in-depth dog treat recipe to let you know she doesn't care for that ingredient? Easy dog treat recipes are a great way to test out new ingredients on your little connoisseur. If he turns his nose up, well, you're only out a few ingredients and a few minutes. But don't throw them away! Give them to a less picky friend or to your local animal shelter.

  • Equipment - At times you want an easy recipe because you don't have special baking equipment or you don't want to clean them after baking! These easy dog treat recipes do not require rolling or cutting with cookie cutters, since doing so can be more time consuming.

Really Simple Dog Treats:

There are some dog treat recipes that are so easy, there's not even a recipe. They are more of an idea or a simple task. A couple examples are:

  1. Hot Dogs - Bring a hot dog to room temperature, cut into dog appropriate sized pieces (if you have a small dog, small pieces or a big dog, big pieces). We recommend turkey or reduced fat kosher hot dogs for the ultimate in yummy treats. As a side note, hot dogs in general are higher in fat, so keep the serving size limited.

  2. Vegetables - Whether they are fresh or frozen, most dogs will gladly accept a green bean, carrot or other tasty morsel. Review the list of foods poisonous to dogs to ensure you are not accidentally serving an unhealthy treat.

  3. Ice Cubes - Plain water ice cubes are a welcome treat on a hot day. But, make those same ice cubes with chicken or beef broth and you'll have a friend for life. No matter if the broth is store bought or homemade, opt for low sodium and onion free versions. Since these are frozen, you can make a tray of cubes and save them for future acts of good behavior.

  4. Chicken - Plain cooked chicken breast (no chicken bones, please) is a luxurious treat that will not soon be forgotten by any furry friend. Next time you are making a chicken dish for yourself, set aside a small amount to cook with no seasoning or oil. Let it cool, cut into appropriate sizes and freeze any remainder.

Easy Dog Treat Recipes:

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