Dog Treat Dispenser:
Part Toy, Part Food, All Fun!

What's so great about a dog treat dispenser? Surely your dog already has a multitude of toys, so why talk about dog treat toys?

Interactive dog toys can help your dog to:

Dog Treat Dispenser Toys, YEAH! dog treat dispenser

Relieve Boredom & Separation Anxiety - If your dog has to spend a large bulk of time alone, while the family is away at school or work, a dog treat toy can help keep his mind busy. Even if your family is away for short periods of time, some dogs display intense separation anxiety. Having a fun treat filled toy may be just the thing to lessen the anxiety.

Redirect Chewing Habits - Your dog, whether she is a puppy or an adult has a need to chew.

So, what would you have her chew on: a corner of the furniture, a favorite pair of shoes or a rough and tumble toy filled with homemade dog treats?

Bonding & Fun - Treat toys are just plain fun. Better yet, you can spend time bonding with your dog. There are several puzzle or interactive dog toys that require the owner (you) to set up the toy and help your dog use his powers of deduction to get the treats as a reward. Your dog just might surprise you by her exceeding intelligence.

Before You Buy

There are so many benefits to treat dog toys that you may think that one is as good as the next. Unfortunately that is not the case. There are several things to consider. The first question to ask yourself is, Does my dog play more with his mouth or his mind? What does that mean?

Well, observe your dog for a few minutes during playtime. Does she try to figure things out or does she want to grab a toy and chew it to pieces with her mouth? You may have a dog that likes both, or does not lean towards one type of play over the other. Whatever the case, this will be your first clue as to what type of interactive dog toys to start with.

Then you need to determine the sturdiness or quality of the toy. You need to be aware that poor quality or flimsy toys can break in your dog's mouth. Worse yet, if they break they can get stuck or lodged in your dog's mouth or throat. Even if you buy a sturdy, well made treat toy, please supervise your dog the first several times he plays with the new toy to catch any possible problems, before they become major problems.

Is your dog a power chewer? Does your dog have a strong need to chew and when she does are the toys destroyed within minutes? Then you may have an aggressive chewer on your hands. No need to fret, just look for dog treat dispenser made specifically for rough use. They are often called indestructible or labeled for strong chewers.

Next, you need to size the toy for your dog. It is better to avoid the recommendation for a certain toy by the weight of the dog. What you should consider is your dogs muzzle size. For example a 75 pound male Collie, will have a narrow head structure, and would not find a large toy made for other 75 pound dogs as much fun.

If your dog plays more with her mind than her mouth, then you'll want puzzle toys. They are still designed to give a treat as a reward, but it takes more deduction to get that treat than just pure chewing power. There are solitary puzzle toys and others that will need your assistance to play. As mentioned above, this is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your dog.

As you can see a dog treat dispenser can come in many shapes and sizes. No matter what kind your dog prefers, be sure to mix it up. Once your dog has mastered one type of interactive treat toy, alternate the type of toy or type of treat so he does not become bored.

So what do you put in a dog treat dispenser? Check back soon for dog treat recipes and ideas for filling all sorts of dog treat toys.

How many types of dog treat dispensers are there? Well, we'll talk about a few. How about a robotic toy or a dog treat launcher!

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