Can I bake probiotics into my dog's biscuits

by Christine
(Evanston, IL)

I'd like to make it easier, and cheaper, to get the maximum CFUs of probiotics into my dog's diet. Powders and sprinkle capsules seem to be the best source and least expensive way of delivering good quality probiotics. Sadly my one dog is a finicky eater that wants nothing to do with a powder on his food. He can even be picky with treats. So can I bake probiotic powder into a biscuit flavor that I know he won't refuse?

Chef's Comments ~ I'm not sure if the probiotics will remain viable if they are heated. This sounds like a good question for your dogs Vet.

My other suggestion is to make my chicken liver gravy. Once it is cooled, you can sprinkle the probiotic powder into a small amount of the gravy and see if your dog will lick the bowl clean. :)

I hope this helps. :)

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