Healthy Dog Treat Recipes
You Both Will Enjoy

Why are healthy dog treat recipes so important? Really, there's nothing better than knowing that you have provided the very best for your faithful friend. From hand picking a caring vet to buying every type of squeaky toy imaginable, you want the best for your dog.

But what about dog treats?

Even though you may be providing a balanced and nutritious diet, the value of healthy dog treats can not go overlooked.

healthy dog treat recipes

Do you, or your dog, think that healthy is synonymous with tasteless? Or maybe that you have to settle on giving your dog only carrot sticks and other vegetables for her healthy treats? You'll both be happy to know that there are many flavorful options and even yummier healthy dog treat recipes!

Before you can give your dog a healthy dog treat, you have to know what to avoid. A great place to start is with dangerous dog treat ingredients. This list will help you to avoid potentially dangerous dog treats.

Healthy Dog Treats Are:

  • Fresh - A healthy dog treat is a fresh treat. The ingredients, especially if they are fruits and vegetables, needs to be fresh to make a healthy end product. Besides, no one enjoys a stale cookie.
  • Natural - Chemicals, artificial flavors and colors are not welcome in healthy dog treats. The less processed the ingredients, the more natural the treat.
  • Balanced - A healthy dog biscuit will provide lots of beneficial vitamins and minerals. This also includes the right amount and type of fats.
  • Customized - Each individual dog may has his own preferences and needs. If your dog is sensitive to milk or allergic to wheat, then what's healthy for other dogs may not be healthy for him. Be aware of your own dogs unique dietary requirements and you can provide healthy dog treats for lifelong enjoyment.

We are entrusted with the care of our wonderful dogs. How could we ever give them anything but the best? Healthy dog treats are a great beginning to the many ways in which we care for and love our dogs. Just the fact that you want to bake for your dog shows that you understand the responsibility and pleasure of caring for your beloved companion. You're sure to find many recipes that help you do so in a healthy way.

Healthy Dog Treat Recipes:

Kidney Bean Morsels - Made with Fresh or Canned Red Kidney Beans

Charcoal Dog Treats - Black Beauties help Breath & More

Homemade Dog Cookies - Heart Healthy Spinach & Carrot Dog Cookies

Blueberry & Banana - Blueberry Superfruit Treat with Rye Flour & Oats

Trail Mix Dog Cookies - Make these for hiking or other outdoor activities with your dog

Mint Kiss Dog Cookies - Help Freshen Your Dogs Breath

Homemade Dog Treats with Parsley - Pucker Up for a Parsley Dog Kiss

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