It's been 3 hrs and still not done

by Marsha Heisley
(Columbus Ohio)

The temperature is evidently not correct. My stoves been on over three hours. They are no where near ready. Next time I'll go with a higher temp. I thought 200 degrees wasn't hot enough and I'm correct.

Chef's Comments ~ Hmm, that's interesting, I did not have a problem with the 200 degree temperature. I'm wondering if it is because I'm in a warmer part of the country, and you are in a cooler one? Maybe the low temperature is indeed too low, there's nothing wrong with altering a recipe to get your desired results.

Just out of curiosity, do you have an oven thermometer in your oven? Sometimes ovens can run hot or cool, depending on their age. That may be a good place to start for this recipe, and your other baking needs.

Also, how thick are your slices? And are they very close together? All these can be factors in how long it takes to completely dry the chicken treats.

I hope this helps. I'm sorry the treats are taking so long to dry. I hope you make the recipe again and have a better time at it. :)

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