Liver Treat To be made Shelf Stable

by Robert
(Mwnomonee Falls WI)

Hi There...

I am currently working on a new business where I will be making and selling out of my home soft liver training treats that are a made to order with fresh local liver and made with out grain, gluten, preservatives, and made from animals that are raised with out hormones, any extra antibiotics.

Very simple and healthy and dogs love the heck out of them.. I have been using them to train my German Shepherds for a while...

Right not I am planning a freezer to cooler product of course But I am wondering if I wanted to make these shelf stable realizing I need to add preservatives and other things

What are the items that can do that and..

Where can I look to learn that information



Chef's Answer ~ There are several natural preservatives over at our friends at

You may be able to find out more information by researching what other treat manufactures are using for a similar type of treat.

I hope this helps you get started.

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