Baking Organic Dog Treats
is Easier Than You Think

So, what makes your treats organic dog treats? The ingredients, of course! But, before you go out and buy all organic ingredients, let's get a better idea of the different labels for organic food.

Understanding Labels:

  • 100% Organic - This is the least complicated. All of the ingredients in a product must be organic, besides water and salt.

  • Organic - A product may be listed this way if it is made with at least 95% organic ingredients.

  • Made with Organic Ingredients - When only 70% of the ingredients are organic, it can only say that it
    is made with organic ingredients.

Organic and Homemade?
Yes, Please!
organic dog treats

Now, you may be asking yourself, why should I be concerned about baking with organic ingredients?

One reason is that, by eating organically grown or produced foods, you are eating a healthier product. Really, the reasons have more to do with what's not included in the food than what is.

Organic Food Does Not Contain:

  • fillers
  • additives
  • pesticides
  • by-products
  • preservatives
  • artificial coloring or
  • chemical fertilizers

Also, if you buy your organic food locally, you will be supporting local farmers, the economy and the environment. Not to mention the chance for you and your dog to go to a local farmers market.

Well, that wasn't too complicated after all. Now, let's get down to the fun stuff, the recipes.

Just about any of our dog treat recipes can be adapted to be an organic recipe. But, we aren't going to leave you to do all the work. We will get you started with several to choose from. Just remember, if you see another recipe here, you can make it organic by the ingredients you use.

Organic Dog Treat Recipes:

Organic Turkey Loaf - with Carrots, Brown Rice and Parsley.

Remember - You can make almost any dog treat recipe organic, by using organic ingredients.

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