My King Charles has severe allergies and I am looking for a treat I can make for him

by Beth Leeds
(Cold Spring Harbor, NY)

I am able to find healthy food, but I am stuck on treats that I can bake for him. Every recipe that I find contains some of the forbidden foods. His food allergies are: egg, yeast, milk, lamb, turkey, pea and barley. Can you help little Charlie?

Chef's Answer ~ I would love to help your little Charlie! :)

You can always make the one ingredient dog treat recipes like dehydrated liver dog treats, sweet potato dog chew, or soft vegan dog treats like the dried apple slices.

I just helped another dog parent who's little one had an allergy to eggs. There are several things you can substitute and still make dog treat recipes. You can read my answer to her regarding dog treat recipes without eggs.

You may also be able to make treats out of his special diet. A dog food treat is just another alternative for a dog who needs to watch what they eat.

I hope that helps. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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