Will the Icing you gave the recipe for melt in warm weather? Like when in Storage, Mailing?

by Chellie
(Juneau. A.K)

You gave recipes for different kinds of icing and I was wondering if the icing will melt when on the dog treat when it is being shipped or if in storage if it gets too warm? If so, do you have a recipe for a icing that will withstand the heat for shipping and storage?

Chef's Answer ~ Yes, most of the dog treat icing recipes I've posted are made for immediate enjoyment. You can try a recipe for Royal Icing because it will dry hard on your dog biscuits, but it is primarily sugar. I would also check into the dog treat icing mixes at K9 Cakery.com. They also have a lot of neat dog treat decorations and baking supplies to choose from.

Be sure to read my tips and techniques on shipping homemade dog treats.

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