When using rosemary extract as a perservative, how much do you use?

by Michele McBane
(Milwaukee, WI)

Will too much be bad for the dog? I heard that using rosemary extract can preserve dog treats longer. I want to know how much to use per batch and how much longer it will make the treat last compared to if it was not used.

Chef's Answer ~ Please see my recent answer to a similar question regarding using natural preservatives in homemade dog treats. If you still have questions after reading this previous post, please let me know.

Now to answer your question about putting too much rosemary extract into a homemade dog treat. Yes, too much rosemary extract has the potential to upset a dog's stomach. Also, this particular preservative is going to be aromatic. So, too much could make the treat unappealing to your human consumers. Please keep in mind that more preservatives will not make any baked good last longer. It is the combination of how it is baked, stored, packaged, and the use of preservatives, if any, that will determine the shelf life of a baked product.

If you are interested in preservatives for your homemade dog treats so you can start a dog bakery, I can help. I recently reviewed an e-Book on How to Start a Dog Bakery Business. It is filled with beneficial information for business and it even has a section on preservatives, storing, packaging, and labeling your treats for sale.

I hope this has helped. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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