Preserving Home Made Dog Treats

by Jen

I would like to know more about using Vitamin E as a preservative. What form would you recommend powder or liquid and how much do you use is there a ratio system?

Chef's Answer ~ Here at Dog Treat, we focus primarily on the home dog treat baker. Our recipes are baked fresh and then kept in the refrigerator for one or two weeks, or frozen for later enjoyment.

I assume that you are interested in baking homemade dog treats as a business, since you are interested in using preservatives. My following answers are based upon that assumption. If I'm incorrect, I apologize in advance.

There are too many variables to recommend one type or form of preservative. My best recommendation is to invest in books regarding preservatives. They can be costly, but if you are indeed starting a business, you may consider it an investment in your future. These books are sure to answer any imaginable question you may have regarding preservatives, natural inhibitors, and dough conditioners (all of which work as preservatives).

I recently wrote a review on a leading e-Book regarding How to Start a Dog Bakery Business. You may want to look it over if you are indeed starting a business. You are bound to have many questions about your new venture. The book also discusses preservatives, packaging, and expiration dates.

I hope this has helped. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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Dog Treats In PA
by: LM

We were looking to bake dog treats and sell at community events/yard sales in PA. Each treat that you make MUST be analyzed at a lab. Labeling of treats must include this analysis as well as ingredients, weight, be clearly marked that it is for dogs and such. Not to mention the annual fee for a feed license (yes homemade dog treats are considered a pet feed) and the business licenses and such.

A lot more to it then people realize. Funny thing is that I always buy homemade treats at these events for my dogs - have never seen a label (most aren't even wrapped) nor licenses hanging anywhere.

We tried to do it the proper way and hit roadblocks all over the place...everyone else just does it and no one seems to care!

Starting a Dog Treat Business in Pa?
by: Kim

If you ARE starting a dog treat making business in Pa, don't forget to get a license! It is now illegal to make and sell pet food that hasn't gone through the same government processes as people food. You need a separate kitchen from the one you use to prepare your meals, only certain recipes can possibly be prepared at home, etc. My friend, Cathy and I just hit that same barrier. Cathy makes WONDERFUL treats, but we can't sell them until we get our license.
I'm sorry, I thought I had the link here to give to you, but I was wrong.
If starting a business is what you want to do, great! please don't let the law stop you! I believe if more people worked at home, there would be less unemployment, less pollution(home businesses tend to use less resources), and we'd just have a better place to live in general!

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