What is the process to extend the shelf life of beef liver dog treats?

by Kelly

Hi, I want to bake beef liver dog cookies for my dogs. It has to be organic, grain, wheat, and gluten free. The beef liver will be mixed with flour, eggs, olive oil, and garlic powder, among other dry and wet ingredients.

My cookies spoil after 1 week outside the fridge. How can I extend the shelf life outside the fridge? Do I just bake it longer and try to use dry ingredients as substitutes? And if I bake it longer, how long?

Thanks! My dogs love this stuff!

Chef's Answer ~ I'll try to answer all your questions, let me know if I miss one. OK, first off, let me say that if you are wanting to make a liver dog treat without grain, wheat or gluten you'll need to do extra research regarding the type of flour you use in your recipe. You may want to start with amaranth flour or tapioca flour, for example.

It is very common for freshly baked homemade dog treats to spoil without refrigeration. To extend the shelf life please review this page regarding liver dog treats.

I also answered a question regarding natural dog food preservatives that may help answer your question.

Another question on extending shelf life for homemade dog treats was answered here.

And one last question regarding storing moist dog treats was answered, and may help you.

Beyond these answers, another alternative for your liver loving dogs is to make a dehydrated liver dog treat. This recipe includes storage tips and techniques to help keep them fresher longer.

I hope I answered all your questions, please let me know if you need more help.

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Grain Free Liver Treats
by: Venita

I use Garbanzo Bean Flour, it is a grain free flour. I don't know if you will use dairy products or not. This flour is pretty high in protein. The trick to keeping your treats out in a loosely covered container, is to first bake them at 300 degrees or whatever your recipe calls for. I would put them on a cookie sheet if possible. I use non-stick foil. After your treats cook for the said time, take them out of the oven, wait until they cool, then cut them up into little squares (training treat size), make sure you remove the foil, and put them back in the oven for about 3 hours at 150 degrees. My oven only goes to 170, but I still do it at that degree. If you don't want to wait the three hours, you can make them in the evening, and then let them dry out in the oven. The trick is to get all the moisture out of them so they won't spoil. This is called twice baked treats. They have to be hard like biscotti, a really hard like cookie.

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