How much natural preservatives do you add to homemade dog treats?

by Tami

I read the different types of natural preservatives you can use, but how much do you add in? Also wondering when you say Vitamin C is that just a powder?

Chef's Answer ~ I don't have just one answer for you. It's similar to asking someone how long should I walk my dog? It really depends on the dog, her age, health and breed. So, unfortunately I don't have just one answer for you. This is because the type and amount of preservatives used depends on the amount, type of ingredients and texture of the dog treats to be made. I can, however, direct you to a great website that has information regarding different preservatives, their use and amounts to add. You can find it at:

The Vitamin C you use in your homemade dog treats can be a powder or a crystal form. You can also crush a Vitamin C tablet to get the powdered form.

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