What can be substituted for flour or cornmeal my dog has many food allergies

by Paul Sanko
(Tunkhannock, Pa. USA)

My dog has so many food allergies that I can't find many treats for her. Below is a list of what she CAN'T HAVE!



It's OK for her to have: Lamb, Fish and or Seafood, Rice Flour, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Veggies if hidden in the recipe, Potato any variety, Cooking Oils, Fruit she loves almost all fruit fresh or canned.

Can you help me?

Chef's Answer ~ Yes, of course I can help, but first let me say that is an adorable picture! Thanks so much for sharing.

OK, allergies are tough, but with a little substituting, you can make all kinds of healthy homemade dog treats.

To address the things she can not eat, you can substitute wheat flours for rice flour, oat flour or potato flour. The eggs can be substituted, too. See this previous question about how to substitute eggs in dog treat recipes. Next, the dairy ingredients. You can use soy milk, almond milk or lactose free milk in place of regular milk. You can also use soy yogurt, where a recipe calls for regular yogurt.

The beef and chicken can be replaced with easily prepared canned tuna, like in our Four Herb Tuna Tots recipe.

You should be able to browse through all the recipes and make just about any of them knowing that you can substitute some of the major ingredients.

I hope this has helped. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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Why SOY isn't recommended
by: Anonymous

Soy beans can cause gas in some dogs, making them rather smelly companions! Processed soy causes bloating in dogs, and soy is one of the leading causes of food allergies in dogs.

Soy naturally contains plant estrogens (phyto estrogens such as estriol), which act like the hormonal animal estrogens and can interfere with reproduction and normal growth in cats and dogs.

Soy contains trypsin inhibitors which block the action of enzymes which are needed to digest protein. Soy beans contain hemaglutinin which causes red blood cells to clump together.

Of all plants ever studied, soy beans contain the highest level of phytates, an organic acid which blocks the uptake of calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc - and can lead to various mineral deficiencies. These phytates are exceptionally resistant to reduction techniques during processing, and only through a long period of fermentation is the phytate content reduced.

Soy is the primary source of protein in about half of the cheap supermarket brand pet foods. About 89% of the soy produced in the USA is genetically modified to withstand high levels of pesticide use.

Chef's Comments ~ Thanks for the info. It sounds like you did quite a bit of research. Each dog parent, with the help of their Vet, must make the decision as what is best to feed their dog.

As always there are alternatives to making healthy dog treat recipes. Soy milk could be replaced with another nut or grain milk if cow milk should be avoided.

If ever a substitute is needed for one of my dog treat recipes, I would be happy to help. :)

huge help
by: StaceyA

thank you so much for that info! my chocolate lab has tons of allergies and making my own is the only thing that helps eliminate itchy scratchy guy all night long. If you try salmon too - my boys HIGHLY recommend it!! My mom made them for her cat, her picky cat and my picky cats turned their noses up, but the boys gave paws up to salmon cookies :)

Dog treats
by: Judy

My dog has a long list of allergies too! I make her oatmeal "cookies". So easy! I just dump Quaker Oats in a bowl and add baby food fruit. You can buy organic if you like. Mostly banana but I have used banana/pear, apple, plum or a mixture. You can add whatever you are comfortable letting your dog have (nuts, sweet potato, etc). Mix it with a spoon. Make sure it is still a little dry. ( Make enough for about 1 dz cookies. Too many and they will get moldy or mushy if they sit around for more than a couple of days.) Pop in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes. My dog loves them and I feel good that she is getting something healthy!

Thank you for the info
by: pakas

I wish to thank - you for the advise on the food substitutes, I will look up the recipes and use the ones that I know she (Dakota) will eat.

Thanx again, Pakas

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