Sweet potato dog chews get better with basting

by Theresa
(Palmdale, CA)

Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

I started making my own dog treats when our Maltese was diagnosed with diabetes.

I was previously feeding the chicken jerky treats from Costco. It took my dogs a few times to really like the new sweet potato treats since the others were their absolute favorite. At first they would take the new treats reluctantly, kind of like "I guess your not giving me the other. So this will do" but now they love them!

I did alter the recipe by basting them with chicken broth after they were done and then baking again so the broth forms a glaze on them. I used the trader joes chicken broth concentrate diluted with a little water. I also cut them up into small pieces when they were done cooking as my dogs are very small.

Chef's Comments ~ Thanks for the great suggestion to baste the sweet potatoes to make them more enticing! :)

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Carbs vs. chicken?
by: Anonymous

This sounds great but I'm curious...I have diabetic animals too and sweet potatoes have more carbs than chicken so how does this help??

Chef's Answer ~ First, let me say that every dog is special and so is their diet. Please ask your Dog's Vet what would be the best treat for your dog.

OK, with that said, Sweet Potatoes are lower on the glycemic index and have a higher amount of fiber which helps slow down the process in their body. However, you may find that dried chicken dog treats are better for your dog.

I hope that helps. :)

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