Sweet potato crunchy treats.

by Lucinda
(Pine Hill, NJ)



I need a recipe for crunchy dog biscuits (the consistency of "milk-bones". My dog is on a sweet-potato and rabbit formula. (Nothing else - only sweet potatoes and rabbit)

Anyone know where I can buy rabbit meat and livers, please tell me.
There is a shortage of rabbit meat here in the states but I will settle for a tasty sweet-potato biscuit recipe.

Chef's Answer ~ Since I'm not sure what is and isn't allowed on your dog's elimination diet, I'm going to recommend you make a Sweet Potato Dog Chew treat. It is a slice of dried sweet potato, you can make it as chewy or crunchy as you'd like by adjusting the cooking time. Bake it for an additional 5-10 minutes for a crunchier dog treat.

I was able to find a couple online suppliers of rabbit meat, like Vermont Quality Rabbits as one possible choice.

If you let me know what other ingredients are allowed I can recommend another homemade dog treat for your dog while he's on the elimination diet.

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Supplier of rabbit meat for pets
by: Anonymous

Try Whole Foods online for rabbit meat for pets.

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