my dogs love em

by Kimberly Senatore
(Tullahoma TN)

Not sure what I did wrong but the dough was not rollable, but I ended up making drop cookie balls, which they didn't mind the shape or difference, they really loved them. I had dogs running all over the house with a treat in their mouths.

This month is my 2 girls birthday they turned one so I made them as a birthday treat, and they are really loving them, I made them softer as apposed to hard crunchy kind, like I did with the other recipe, I think they enjoyed this kind better.

Chef's Comments ~ I'm so glad they enjoyed the treats. :) If you make this recipe again, you may want to add more flour when kneading the dough. It can be very sticky and hard to roll. You can also try rolling the dough between two sheets of parchment paper. But, it sounds like you improvised and make a homemade dog treat that was thoroughly appreciated. :)

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