Help finding a recipe, please

by Stevie Snyder

My dog was just diagnosed with cancer(Hemangiosarcoma) and I am trying to find a homemade dog treat/cookie recipe that is wheat and gluten-free. Your help would be wonderful. Also what foods are not allowed on this diet, there is so much info out there and I am totally lost. Thank you so much.

Chef's Answer ~ My best wishes for a speedy recovery to your dog and you.

Making homemade gluten and wheat free dog treat recipes is actually quite easy. Here are a few to get you started and your dog satisfied:

Wheat Free Dog Treat Recipes - Apple Carrot Nibbles

Grain Free Dog Treats - Liver & Potato Squares

Whenever you are reading a dog treat recipe, just know that you will likely need to do some substituting. For example, when a recipe calls for whole wheat flour, you can substitute it for rice, oat or potato flour.

Next time you're at a major grocery store, or a specialty market, take a look at the many varieties of wheat and gluten free flours. Substituting flour for human treats is more complicated than for dog treat recipes. You have to be more precise because humans prefer baked goods to have a light or fluffy texture. However, our four legged connoisseurs typically don't have a problem with a treat that is heavier or chewier than normal. Actually they'll probably like it better that way! So you can substitute the flours one for one.

I hope this helps you with your recipe request. For your dog's main diet, you should consult your dog's Vet, a Holistic Vet or a Dog Nutritionist. Any one of these professionals should be able to help you determine what foods should and should not be included in your dog's diet.

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