Do you recommend vacuum sealing homemade treats for shipping?

by Nicole
(Philadelphia, PA)

I am making homemade dog treats and want to ship them to friends, family, and customers. I would think cooking the treats, letting them dry out, and then vacuum sealing them would be the best option for optimal freshness and structure when shipped. What do you think of this idea? What about treats that need to be refrigerated, what do you recommend in this case in terms of shipping?

Chef's Answer ~ I think the vacuum sealing is a wonderful way to preserve the dog treats while in transit. I would also highly recommend vacuum sealing them in sturdy stacks or layers to ensure minimal breakage of the dog treats while they're being shipped.

Your refrigerated dog treats will be a little more tricky. Depending on how fragile or perishable they are, you may want to use a foam box with dry ice to mail them. You would also want to ship them within one or two days and ideally have someone to accept the package so that it does not sit outside too long.

I hope this helps. :) I have a list of tips regarding how to ship homemade dog treats that you may also find helpful.

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