Do you have a recipe that makes hard dog treats?

by Maryanne
(Roscoe, NY)

The softer ones spoil quicker and have to be stored in the fridge. How come the store bought ones don't need to be stored that way?

I make dog treats for my dogs, but can't seem to get the consistency that I want. I want to make really pretty decorative ones like in those fancy pet bakeries, any suggestions?

Chef's Answer ~ You have a lot of great questions! I'll try to answer each one.

First, recipes for hard dog treats. Yes, we have many. Check out our dog biscuit recipes. These are rolled and cut with dog cookie cutters and then they can be baked for longer than recommended for an extra hard and crunchy treat.

Second, store bought treats usually contain preservatives. Our homemade dog treats do not, so they have a much shorter life outside of refrigeration or freezing.

Third, fancy dog treats. Since I don't know which ones you are trying to duplicate, I'm not sure how to assist you. Many dog treat bakeries use icings to make their treats visually appealing. Check out our dog treat icing recipes for inspiration.

If I've missed something, or you have a specific dog bakery treat you are trying to duplicate, just let me know. :)

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