Do you have a recipe for cornstarch bones like the ones at the store?

by Suzie
(Rochester, MN)

My dogs love to eat those edible cornstarch bones that I can buy at the store but with four dogs - I would go broke if I bought them on a regular bases. They look like something that could be homemade and I was wondering if you had a recipe for making them.

Chef's Answer ~ No, I'm sorry I don't have a recipe for cornstarch dog bones. However, I'm not sure that a home dog treat baker could make those bones since they are so tightly compressed.

If you'd like a hard crunchy treat to give to your dogs why not try the Peanut Butter Dog Treat with Molasses recipe. Or, for a really Easy Dog Treat Recipe, try the Peanut Butter Dog Biscuit with Oatmeal.

If you find a cornstarch dog treat recipe, please share it! :)

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