Cooked turkey

by Debi
(Attleboro, MA)

How would you best dry cooked turkey? Same as chicken?

Might there be some other ways to use it?

We humans won't eat all of it and I'd hate to throw it away if I can make dog or cat treats.

Chef's Answer ~ Drying turkey that is already cooked is a little different from drying a meat that is raw. You will need to keep the oven (or dehydrator) on a low setting for less time. The time will depend on how large each piece is, how thick they are, and how closely they are packed onto a baking sheet. Start with an hour and then check the pieces every 30 minutes and remove once they are completely dried.

You can use cooked turkey in any of my dog treat recipes that call for canned meats. Just weigh out your turkey and then add a tablespoon of water at a time to the recipe (if the recipe calls for the liquid in a canned meat).

And last, but not least, freeze the pieces of turkey in small batches. Then take out small pouches of the turkey, thaw, and use them for training treats.

I hope this helps! :)

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