Carob Candy

by Tracy

I have been making little carob and peanut butter candy for our dog for several years. I usually melt the carob chips in a small bowl in the microwave then stir in a little peanut butter.

The last 2 bags of chips that I bought don't melt - they just dry out. I have tried adding the peanut butter when it is in the microwave but it does not make any difference. It is like the company is doing something different to the chips or something. Really strange. Do you have any suggestions?

She looks forward to one of these at bedtime every night. I used to get theses little carob "coin" candies at a doggie bakery but they went out of biz. Thanks!!

Chef's Answer ~ How disappointing, for you, and your dog!

I would imagine that the company did indeed change their recipe for making carob chips. I've used several different brands, and some melt and some don't. If you still have these carob chips, you can purchase flow crystals from K9 and add them to your carob chips to help them melt.

If you want to mix up the bedtime snack routine, check out our Double Carob Dog Cookie Recipe, it may be an alternative for those uncooperative carob chips.

I hope this helps. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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melting carob chips
by: Anonymous

You can add just a little, I use canola oil,to aid in the melting. Caution though, just do a few drops at a time and microwave them for short intervals, stiring each time to make certain that they do not burn.

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