Can I use a chick pea flour or soy flour for dog treats

by Jennifer Cottone
(Fords, NJ)

I made these last year with yogurt and cream cheese icing. I also used equal parts wheat, oat and rice flour.

I made about 40 gift bags mixed with several different pup recipes. Gave them out to friends and family.

All dogs love the recipes including my fosters.

This is my Marley with last year's birthday cake, and his pupcakes for the other 4 legged family members.

Jersey Jen

Chef's Answer ~ Yes, you can use chick pea flour (also called Garbanzo bean flour) and/or soy flour in your homemade dog treats. Both of these flours do best if combined with another gluten or grain free flour. Using just one type of flour substitution can make your dog treats turn out too dry, crumbly or another undesired result.

Also, keep in mind that some dogs are sensitive to soy. If you are making treats for a variety of dogs, it may be better to use a more tolerated flour like almond flour. Or, you can use a premixed gluten free blend that can be found at most major health food stores.

I hope this helps! :) I'm sure your dog treat gifts will be happily accepted and enjoyed.

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Soy flour
by: Amy

If you use only soy flour, you can use xanthan gum with it to help bind it. I use about 1 tsp gum to 1 cup of flour.

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