Alternative for Rolled Oats?

Hello! I have a little chihuahua who is basically allergic to air. Do you know of an alternative to rolled oats and how would the recipe change? She can't eat corn, wheat, soy, dairy, egg, or any legumes. Finding treat recipes for her is extremely difficult. Thanks!

Chef's Answer ~ First, I have a quick question for you. Is your chihuahua actually allergic to oats, or is it the wheat that can get onto oats through the packaging process? I only ask because you can purchase certified gluten free oats at some major health food stores, and online.

OK, going forward, if she is can't have oats, the main thing you will need to consider when looking for a substitute is the texture. Some ingredients to consider would be rice cereal, quinoa flakes, buckwheat groats, or hulled millet. I would go to a major health food store and look at their bulk section of grains. It's possible you can find another substitute for oats in your dog treat recipes.

I hope this helps. :)

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