Yougart chips for homemade dog treats

by Garrett
(Palm Bay)

I bought 5 lbs of chips for the icing for my puppies, but it seems to get stiff as soon as I put the food color gel in, what is the best way to keep it soft until iced?

Chef's Answer ~ Air is the scourge, or enemy, of dog treat icing. You may need to work with smaller batches of icing at one time. Or, if you need to make a large batch, cover the container of icing with a damp cloth. You really want to make and use the icing as quickly as possible. So, be sure that your work area is ready to go even before you make the icing. If you must make it ahead of time, seal it in an air-tight container.

Another thing to consider when using yogurt chips is to add what is called "flow crystals". It will help keep the melted chips more fluid and smooth. You can find flow crystals for your yogurt dog treat icing and lots more at K9 Cakery.

I hope this will help keep your icing workable.

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Maybe using wrong type of food coloring
by: Anonymous

If this person is using coloring gel that is made with water, that is the reason the yogurt is getting stiff. Water and chocolate or chocolate type items don't mix.

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