Why do some recipes require you to roll the dough 1/4" and others say 1/2" or nothing

by Carlene
(New Mexico, USA)

By the way I really appreciate your website and information. In fact, I will be trying some of your frosting suggestions soon. Keep up the good work!!!!

Thanks for your time and help on this I greatly appreciate your assistance.


Chef's Answer ~ First, thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you enjoy making the frosting's, and I'm sure your dog will enjoy them to the last lick! :)

The reason why some of the recipes have stated thickness measurements to be rolled out, is because they correspond to the temperature and time that the dog biscuits are baked.

The wonderful thing about making your own homemade dog treats, is that you can experiment with what you and your dog like best. If you prefer to tear apart a dog biscuit and give a little morsel at a time to your dog (which is great for training) a thicker, and subsequently softer biscuit is what you'll want to bake. If, however, your dog prefers a nice crunch, the thinner you can make the dough, the harder or crispier the end treat will be. If there is no dimension listed, it may be an oversight, eeks! :) Wherever it is not listed, a 1/2" thickness is what I typically roll the dog treat dough out to.

I hope this helps! Happy Dog Treat Baking. :)

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