Where can you buy yogurt coating for homemade dog treats?

I found a website for it once and now I can't find it....

Also, do most cookies need to refrigerated?

Chef's Answer ~ Well, this may not be what you found, but here is one type of yogurt coating for dog icing that may be helpful.

Most cookies will last longer in the refrigerator. Unless you bake them extra hard, so that there is little to no moisture, dog cookies benefit from staying in the fridge or freezer until being enjoyed.

Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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More Sugar Free Dog Treat Icing Mixes
by: Vicki

Hi. In addition to the K9 Cakery sugar free mixes (which contain hydrogenated fats) there are some sugar free mixes (with no hydrogenated fats) available at Everything Dog Treats. You can see them here:


To date, these are the only 2 suppliers of Sugar Free Icing mixes for dog treats.

Chef's Comments ~ Thanks Vicki. I've spoken to the owner of K9 Cakery and they are developing a totally Sugar Free dog treat icing mix and you should see it on their site very soon.

Coating ingredients
by: Cindy

Isn't there any kind of home-made yogurt coating recipe? The chips from Barry Farm have the first ingredient listed as sugar. I have heard that you shouldn't give sugar to dogs, so I think these chips are intended for human consumption, not doggies.

Chef's Comments ~ Yes, sugar in high doses is unhealthy for dogs, humans too. You can find sugar free dog treat icing mixes at K9 Cakery.com, plus lots of other dog treat decorating supplies.

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