Where can I buy ingredients for dog treat icing?

by Sarah
(Savannah Ga USA)

I used to work for a dog bakery and boutique. When we ordered things from places like Pink Poodle and Kool Dog Kafe, I always wondered how the icing on them was so perfect. Is there anywhere to find a place that sells dog friendly icings?

Chef's Answer ~ I don't know of any place to buy just dog treat icing. However, I do know that you can easily make your own icing or dog treat frosting. To make them look professional you need practice and a steady hand! :)

We have several dog treat icing recipes to choose from. You can also use a recipe for Royal Icing. If you use the royal icing, please be sure to either decorate the dog cookie lightly, or only give your dog small amounts at a time, since this icing is very high in sugar.

I hope this helps, have fun decorating dog treats!

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