What kind of dog treat world be best for dogs that have bad or no teeth?

by Sarah

My grams dog is really old and has really bad teeth. Is there any kind of treats I can make him, he's a teacup Yorki.

Chef's Answer ~ There is not just one recipe, you can make almost any dog treat recipe for the little guy.

One of the best things about making your own homemade dog treats is that you can customize them however your dog needs.

Since you need soft and small (or even tiny) dog treats, one way of achieving this is to choose a recipe, create the dough, and then roll the dough into a long thin log. Next cut little discs from the dough and place them on a lightly greased baking sheet. Then bake them for about 5 minutes. You will need to check them and possibly bake them a little longer. Remember that they will continue to harden while they cool.

I hope this has helped! :)

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