What is the measurement of a cup?

by Donna Joynson

I wonder if you could give me the equivalent measurement in ozs or lbs of the size of cup you use in your recipes.

Many thanks from Donna in England xxx

Chef's Answer ~ The equivalent for 1 cup to fluid ounces is 8. So, for example 1 cup of water would be 8 oz.

The dry ingredients will vary because it depends on what you are measuring. This is because a dry ounce is a measurement of weight. For example a cup of sugar weighs around 7 ounces where as a cup of flour weighs approximately 4 1/2 ounces.

Dog treat recipes in general, and even ones like dog muffins or dog cupcakes do not need to have the same light and fluffy texture as their human equivalents. Dogs are more concerned with taste than texture, so it allows the dog treat baker a little room for error when measuring ingredients.

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