What is the best/safest/quickest way to achieve a dry crunchie biscuit made at home?

I am baking my own dog biscuits, but the recipe states to leave them in the oven until cooled. My oven stays busy so I cant leave them in that long but when I take them out after baking they are soft and not crunchy. Presently I cook them at 350 for 30 minutes. Should I increase the temp to 400 or cook longer. Or, as I have seen on other sites, but not sure I want to do this, is my only option to use a dehydrator afterwords?

Chef's Answer ~ Wow, best/safest/quickest way, well, I'll give you my recommendation and you can decide if it meets your criteria. :)

If you want a dry homemade dog biscuit, you will need to bake it longer. But, increasing the temperature may not be your best option. I would increase the time by 5 minute increments until you have your desired texture. Remember, once the treats cool on a wire rack, they will harden a bit more. So, take the treats out of the oven right before they're the texture you want and they should cool to the texture you want.

You can also review the recipe you are using. Is the dough extra moist? Maybe you can play around with the amount of flour to create a stiffer dough even before it is baked.

I hope these two suggestions help you get the crunchy treat your dog is after. :)

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