What is the best dog treat recipe for a dog that is very small?

by Alex Koontz
(York, PA , USA)



Hello, I have a Teacup Morkie and she is 15 weeks old. I was wondering what the best recipe for a dry dog treat (Muffin,cookie,ect.) would be for her since she is so small.

Chef's Answer ~ The wonderful thing about making homemade dog treats is that you can customize them however you want. Depending on what her favorite flavors are, you can make any dog treat recipe you'd like. But, when it comes to rolling out the treats, or forming the cookies, you will need to make them extra small.

Also, when baking the small treats, you will need to cut the baking time by about half. Check the treats regularly so they do not burn since they will be considerably smaller than the recommended size.

If you want to make dog treat muffins, use a mini muffin pan instead. Then you may still need to make the treats smaller. After they are baked and cooled, simply cut in half for a tasty treat.

I hope this helps. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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