What dog treat can I freeze in a yogurt cup?

by Kit Hollister
(Cincinnati, OH)



I have a dog that has a frozen yogurt every morning on his demand. He has gained 7lbs in 1 year, so I must find something else to freeze in yogurt cup to make him happy...PLEASE HELP!!!!!


Chef's Answer ~ Charles is so cute, thanks for sharing the photo. :)

Wow, 7 pounds in a year is a steady increase. I can see why you would want alternatives to help keep him in tip top shape.

There are so many wonderful things you can freeze for your dog. My first suggestion is to check out my Frozen Dog Treats page for ideas.

Since your dog is so use to eating yogurt, you could switch to fat free yogurt to help with the weight gain. You could also reduce the size of the treat by half. This way he's still getting his treat, just a little less.

I hope this helps. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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Thank you for the sugestion but....
by: kit Hollister

Thank you Chef for you reply, I would gladly give him fat free but I read that fat free yogurt has sugar substitute aspartame and is very toxic to dogs, even more so than chocolate...Please let me know your thoughts...

Chef's Comments ~ First, you are right that aspartame should be avoided in any ingredient for our homemade dog treats.

It's possible that some fat free yogurts have aspartame, but if you buy the plain flavor variety, and check the ingredient label, you should be just fine. :)

Yona's yogurt
by: Anonymous

After discovering my chow only digs yogurt cups out of the trash, I began giving my dog the yogurt cup after I eat the yogurt and she loves it and she doesn't get too much.

When she is not around I will freeze it then stuff it with kibble with maybe a treat or two at the bottom and smear just enough peanut butter on top to seal it and refreeze it. She loves these.

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