What do we use for dog training treats for a food allergy puppy?

by Judy Brumbaugh
(East Moline, Il)

Our three month old Mini Schnoodle has soft stools and pays a lot of attention to his anal area. The breeder warned that the puppy could have food allergies and recommended Tasty Rewards. Our puppy leaves them on the floor. Any suggestions for making treats for him? He currently weighs just under eight pounds. Thank you.

Chef's Answer ~ With a new puppy or dog, you will have to experiment with what will be his favorite foods and treats. That being said, most dogs love treats that have an enticing aroma. Treats made from peanut butter, tuna, salmon or liver would top my list of smelly snacks. Keep in mind that you should introduce new foods slowly and a little at a time to avoid upset tummies.

But, before recommending any dog treat recipes, I would highly suggest that you take your new little one to his vet to find out if he indeed has food allergies. This will save you, and your mini schnoodle, lots of discomfort and irritation now and in the future.

OK, that being said, I would start with treats that are grain free like the Liver and Potato dog treat recipe, it has a softer texture that some dogs love. Another option is to make your own dog treat jerky. You can easily dehydrate chicken to make chicken jerky dog treats for your dog to enjoy.

As far as making any of these homemade dog treats into training treats, just use very small tidbits for a quick, positive, food based reinforcement during training time.

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