What can you use instead of fondant?

Image from Canine Cookie Company

Image from Canine Cookie Company

Kool dog Kafe and other companies show their cakes and cookies with yogurt and carob coating, however it looks likes rolled fondant icing do you know how they do it?

Chef's Answer ~ That's a neat dog cake! :) I checked out the website for the cake and it says that they use yogurt and carob for the hand written icing. It does not state anything about the cake covering, which does look like fondant.

If you want to decorate your dog treats with an icing that will dry hard and smooth, you would want to use Royal Icing. However this icing is almost entirely sugar. Since excessive sugar is not needed in a dog's treats, we recommend using this icing as a drizzle, or giving your dog a very small amount each day as a treat.

You can also check out the great sugar free dog treat icing mixes at K9 Cakery.com. They also have dog cake mixes and a lot of other decorating ideas and products for your homemade dog treats.

I hope this helps! :)

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