What can I use to make yogurt or carob icing STICK better to the dog cookie?

by Lora Corcoran

I cover my treats in melted yogurt or carob chips and after a few days, the yogurt or carob cracks. I use an egg white wash with a touch of honey. I also use either paramount crystals or canola oil to make the yogurt or carob thinner and easier to dip. I'm wondering if my cookies have too much oil (1/4 C) in them.

Chef's Answer ~ This question will take some troubleshooting and experimenting to determine exactly what will solve your problems. So, with all of the suggestions, make small batches of your icings, and take diligent notes, to determine the solution for your dog treats.

So, the first concern, cracked icing. The icing recipe you are using may be too dry. This will make the icing crack when exposed to air, humidity, etc. Icing needs to be able to expand and contract with it's environment. If it's too dry it will crack.

Another reason it may crack is because it is too thin. The same reasons above about the environment. If it can't expand and contract because it's too thin, it will crack.

Now, for the concern about the icing not sticking to your dog treat. My first thought is to make sure you are letting the cookies completely cool. If there's even a hint of warmth, the icing will react poorly. So, cool on a wire rack, overnight.

Another concern about the icing sticking is in regards to your egg wash. It's possible that the egg wash is creating too much of a barrier between your treat and the icing and so therefore it isn't sticking. Egg washes are great, but in my experience one reason they are used is to make a treat look better. If you are adding decorations, then you may not need the egg wash.

Last, but not least, if you still have concerns after your icings, I would highly recommend checking out the dog treat icing at K9 Cakery. They not only have lots of great icings, but also adorable things to decorate dog treats with.

I hope this helps. Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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