what can i feed my four year old moody female terrier ?

I'm from India and most ingredients mentioned here are not available.

I love my female four year old terrier very much and would love to pamper her but cant give her much time as I'm a single working mother. also she is very moody about her food. one day she eats boiled chicken and second day she doesn't,. that wastes it. i've tried mixing egg with rice chicken with rice carrots tomatoes but shes not up to any of those. also she hates the appetizer liquids that the doc has given for her. so shes a moody eater and i feel sorry that i cant know what she wants. please advise. i wish she could talk.

Chef's Answer ~ I'm sorry that you're having such trouble with your dogs food. My main focus is on treats for dogs, not a dogs main diet. You would do best to discuss your concerns with your dogs Vet or with a Holistic Vet.

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