The 3 B Bakery

by Christine
(Clarks Summit Pa)

I developed my business first after finding this site and trying almost all the recipes and taking some things out of the recipes that my little girl is allergic to

The way The 3 B Bakery got its name from my three Boston Terriers Bowser, Bernie and Brandi my problem child.

Brandi unknowingly came from a puppy mill and has numerous health issues. Until I found this site I donated over a thousand dollars in dog food and treats.

My treats I research the breed of dog I am making a treat for and if they have allergies or issues with eating treats I change to remove what the ingredient is sometimes its hard but after a few changes I end up with a happy dog.

I also use no preservatives or coloring in my treats and I also label whats used in the treat and suggested shelf life with or without freezing or refrigeration so there is no chance of a dog getting sick from a spoiled treat.

If I can be of any help I am located in the Scranton Clarks Summit Pa area and as well as the Kirkwood NY area. My name is Christine contact me by my email address: Leave your contact information and I hope to help you in anyway I can.

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