Sticky dough fix

by Natalie
(Louisiana )

Ok, when I try a new recipe I ALWAYS follow it to the T on the first attempt. Let me just say this is a huge FAIL!! There is to much liquid in this recipe. Drop the broth completely. Double the apple sauce, and add water as needed to dough. For the filling, lose the egg, replace with 1 teaspoon water. Doing this will make the dough a touchable consistency, easy for rolling out. And the filling will stay inside your rolls. When I rolled the dough I cut strips and then applied filling then rolled them and then finally baked them.

Chef's Comments ~ I'm sorry to hear that you had trouble with my recipe the way it is written. I didn't have trouble, but I will try the recipe again with some of your suggestions and edit the recipe as needed. Thank you for your comments and I love the picture of the finished dog treats. :)

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