Stew bone stuffing

by Dan
(Rockledge, FL)

I have all of these stew bones laying around the house after my two Doxies finish gnawing the marrow out of the insides. These bones are getting expensive at the grocer and I want to reuse the bones and make my own healthy but tasty stuffing to put inside. I want the treat to be hard after it dries so that they will have a lot of chewing time on a bone before refilling. Any suggestions?

BJ & the Bear say Thank You

Chef's Answer ~ What a great idea to refill bones with your own filling! You're going to have two very busy Doxies. :)

For a few ideas to get you started check out an article I wrote for my August Newsletter on dog treat dispenser toys and fillings.

You may also want to check out recipes for frozen dog treats to mix up what they get in the bone.

I hope this helps BJ and the Bear get the chew time they want and deserve! Happy Dog Treat Baking! :)

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