Seuss - Mixed Breed

by Seuss's Mommy

She is a pound puppy that has brought us nothing but happiness.

She looks like a Westie/Black Miniature Poodle mix, but we don't know for sure.

She is SPOILED, just the way I like my dogs.

She is a fashionista, dressing up means more attention. Her favorite outfits include pretty pink pullover with matching collar, and her little Easter dress with ribbon detail. She knows she looks good!

Greenies are her favorite treat, and I am always searching for a homemade recipe that captures whatever it is that she likes so much about greenies.

She also fell in love with a dog food that was called Whole Meals, sadly it was discontinued due to no one else buying the product.

Anything that has a tough-but-chewy texture, preferably in a stick shape will do. She has a very sensitive pallet, and rejects most flavors that other dogs find irresistible.

However that is a tall order to fill when considering price, and how healthy the treat is.

She would love for her mommy to make her something that she could enjoy daily without rotting her teeth or destroying her girlish figure.

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Could be a Cairn Terrier!
by: Carla

She looks a lot like the Cairn Terriers we rescue at Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. Visit us and see at! Cute, cute, cute!

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