Self raising flour or Oat bread mix, good or bad for dogs?

by Danny

Hi, I'm sure I read that self-raising flour is bad for dogs so I suspect oat bread mix that raises would be too but I cant remember where I read this or if I have even read this.

Chef's Answer ~ Self-rising flour may not be the best choice for your homemade dog treats because most of these flours contain baking powder and salt. It would be my best guess that a bread mix would also contain these (and other) ingredients.

Bread mixes and self-rising flour is made for our convenience in creating a nice rounded loaf of bread or other baked good. Since our dogs are rarely interested in what their dog treats look like, I would recommend staying away from these flours.

A plain whole wheat flour or a gluten free flour mix would be the best choice for making your own treats.

I hope that helps! :)

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