Secret to eliminating "bubbles" in homemade dog treats

by Toody
(New York)

Sometimes when I'm making dog bones, they bubble up. Should I be poking them with a toothpick first (which is time consuming) or is there another method I could try to stop them from bubbling?

Chef's Answer ~ Before you take the time to poke each cookie, check the temperature of your oven. Sometimes cookies will bubble when the oven is not hot enough. You may need to let the oven preheat longer. Or, another solution is to purchase an oven thermometer. The sensor on your oven may be off and it's a good idea to double check the actual temperature.

Another possibility is that the recipe you are using is calling for too much baking soda. Typically the addition of salt will balance out the production of bubbles created by the addition of baking soda. But, most dog treat recipes do not contain salt (because they don't need any extra). So, after checking the temperatures, I would experiment with smaller amounts of baking soda to combat those pesky bubbles.

Then, as a last resort, get your toothpicks ready. You may end up having to lightly poke each cookie. Just remember, your dog will likely not take notice of the bubbles. Or, if you are giving them as gifts, why not try a dog treat icing recipe to cover up those little bubbles.

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by: Anonymous

I am also having this problem...turning up the temp browns the cookies too much. I am wanting to sell my cookies, nice flat ones, but they all have this annoying bubble! I will try 375 with a light baking sheet but that is my last idea :( I don't want to have to poke cookies, also, i don't think icing will hide these large dome bubbles. Any help would be great!

Chef's Comments ~ Be sure to try the other troubleshooting ideas like reviewing your amount of baking powder and/or baking soda. Plus, make sure you are not over-mixing your batter and that your oven is at the proper temperature with an oven thermometer.

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