Sapphire Stone - Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd

by Megan
(Troy, NY, USA)

Sapphire Stone is a Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix. She was born on April 30 in the early morning and will be celebrating her 1st Birthday this year (2013). Sapphire is one of ten beautiful dogs of her mother's first litter.

Sapphire has an older brother, Cyrus, who is a Belgian Malionis. The two of them keep our lives very interesting, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Sapphire's favorite treat is fresh peeled and cut carrots along with ice cubes. Her favorite toy is every toy, especially Cyrus's.

Sapphire firmly believes that she only weights around 10 pounds but the truth is that she is closer to 60 (but we would never tell her that, lol) and enjoys sitting or laying across your lap when watching TV.

Sapphire enjoys going for nice long walks with Cyrus and will go and get her lash when she feels its time to go for one. Then she will hit the door knob until we go, we work around her schedule, LOL.

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