Roll out dog treat recipe?

by Shannon

I'm looking for a recipe for dog treats that I can roll out and use a cookie cutter to cut. I'm looking for one that will stay flat, somewhat like the ones you might buy in a store. I'm also hoping for simple ingredients, as few as possible. I have a small side business where I make dog cupcakes, and I have a customer looking for something along these lines for a party they are having, they want few simple ingredients to try to avoid as many dog food allergies as we can. If you can help that would be absolutely wonderful. Thank you!

Chef's Answer ~ This website is full of dog treat recipes you can roll out. I would recommend doing a search for the word "roll" on our Search page. Then browse the recipes for something that will fit your dogs preferences and taste buds.

To eliminate most dog food allergies, use a grain and gluten free flour like brown rice flour. If the recipe you choose calls for rolled oats, make sure they are gluten free.

Happy Dog Treat Baking, and Dog Partying! :)

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