Post a Picture?

by ConnorJ

Made this for the first time today, with no parchment paper in the house so straight onto a Pam-sprayed cookie sheet. Even with the oven on low, the slices came out burned black, almost all the way thru in some pieces, after less than 75 mins.

So next time I will try chicken livers instead of beef, and on an even LOWER setting, because the dog still ate two pieces anyway.

My question--Could someone post photos of how they SHOULD look? Both fresh out of the oven AND broken up?

My dog is a 20-pound cairn terrier-mix, and the two pieces together were smaller than an apple slice. Too much or just right?

Chef's Comments ~ I'm sorry to hear that your first attempt at making these dried liver treats didn't turn out well. From reading your post I would guess that your slices were too small for the amount of time that they were in the oven.

The sizes of the liver slices will vary, as you can see in my picture. Some are several inches long while others are barely an inch. Whatever size you cut your liver pieces you will need to check them often and remove the smaller ones once they are dried.

The texture you are looking for is dry to the touch, but with some flexibility. You do not want them to be so dry that they break or have sharp points.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have. :)

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