Organic dog treats are too dry

HI, I've been trying to make organic dog treats with oat flour, chicken broth and quinoa and they still don't come out right. The dough is to crumbly to roll. I've tried adding oil, but it doesn't seem to help. Hope you can help.

Chef's Answer ~ Since you're not using a recipe, you may need to try several different combination's until you find just the right ingredient. As you experiment with these suggestions, I would highly recommend you write everything down. This way once you have a winning combination, you will also have a written recipe for the next batch of organic dog treats.

So, what to do.......first things first, make sure you are really kneading the dough to be rolled out. This will help combine all of the ingredients properly.

My first thought when I read your question was to add an organic egg to your dough. This will work as a binding agent and may help things come together. Another option is to add one or two tablespoons of organic milk or water to the mixture. And one last suggestion would be to use organic non-sweetened applesauce as an alternative to the oil.

If all else fails, roll the dough into balls and flatten into a cookie shape. Your dog may not be able to enjoy cookie cutter shapes with this recipe, but at least she can still enjoy a yummy homemade organic dog treat.

Be sure to let us know how it works!

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