Nova Dianne Rea - Labrador

by Rebecca Rea
(Vacaville CA USA)

My dog Nova was born October 27th, 1999. She loves the Peanut Butter Dog Biscuit Recipe best! She is 14 years old and will jump or do anything so she can get a treat. Except for celery.

She is a retired Guide Dog Breeder. She only had 2 litters though. She can open screen doors, sit, stay, shake hands, and lie down. She learned to open the screen door all by herself! She paws it then it opens a bit then she opens it up more with her nose! If she starts doing it and then I turn around she will just smile and look nice and sweet, then when I turn away from her she will open the screen door the rest of the way and come in. She also snores and runs in her sleep!

Nova will skip into the doctors then skip out. One time when they had to make her go to sleep because they thought they saw something in the back of her ears. They found out it was only a hair. When we were going to take her she ran to the door and then sat their while we put her leash on. While we were doing that she was so sleepy that she was starting to fall over to the side. She would usually skip out with us but Nova was so tired that she would do a kind of hop and run thing!! Then in the car she fell asleep with her eyed open and snored. It was funny because I thought she was awake in till I heard her snore. She is the sweetest thing.

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Nice one.
by: Kate Parker

Labrador is one of the best among its specie and these are very well behaved. It was my pleasure to read your post and it was really funny and interesting. I enjoyed reading how you are spending time with your pet. I too spend quite good time with mine one. Stay tuned with him but never forget about his safety and take a better care and never be casual to vaccinate it regularly.

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